Bastion Falls and the Hamlet of Palenville, NY
October 17, 2009
On October 17, 2009, we went to Bastion Falls in the Catskill Mountains. Bastion Falls is actually a “prelude” to the more popular Kaaterskill Falls, a half mile of hiking deeper into the woods. The trip was our first to a waterfall in the United States.

Thrilled by the experience, we looked for other waterfalls to visit. We felt fortunate that we lived in the Catskill Region of New York, abounding with streams, rivers, and waterfalls, and which according to one photography enthusiast at is “a beautiful area to photograph”.

After having lived in the outskirts of the Catskills for several years, we are only now beginning to enjoy Nature. Bastion Falls became our prelude to nature photography.

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Bastion Falls is on the left side of Route 23A.
Vi is in the red jacket facing the camera. Bastion Falls is visible from the road between Vi and the group of hikers on the left.
Beginning of trail to Bastion Falls.
Bastion Falls.
Bastion Falls. Picture taken by Vi.
Bastion Falls is located on the eastern Catskill Mountains of New York.
Another view of Bastion Falls.
Maple leaf in autumn.
Rocks at the bottom of Bastion Falls.
Layered limestones. Picture taken by Vi.
Vi at Bastion Falls.
View of Bastion Falls from the hiking trail.
Hiking trail towards Kaaterskill Falls.
Me and Vi by Bastion Falls.
View of Route 17 from Bastion Falls. Picture taken by Vi.
Wild flowers along Route 17. Picture taken by Vi.
Fall foliage fronting Bastion Falls.
Roadside view leading to the hamlet of Palenville.
Hamlet of Palenville.
A private home in Palenville.
A plumbing store in Palenville.
A church in Palenville.
Outskirts of Palenville.
Vi taking pictures in Palenville.
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