Fall in Stewart State Forest
October, 2014
I thought Id visit Stewart State Forest in the fall before all the colors disappeared. So I headed out there at sunrise when hopefully no one would still be around. And to my surprise I found new curiosities -- a pumpkin patch, duckweed on what used to be dry land, and remains of a Plymouth -- all within the vicinities of territories I thought I have explored thoroughly before. There is much ground I have yet to set foot on in the 6,700 acre forest, but Stewart State Forest is like telling me I could push that off for another day because there is still much to be revealed within what I might conceive of as already familiar. It is really a museum sans the rope barriers, glass enclosures, and operating hours. Everything is there free for me to touch, discover, and experience whenever I fee like exploring it at all hours, holiday or not, any day of the week.

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