Radio City Christmas Spectacular
December 2014
Vi and I went to see the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City.

We have actually seen it 20 years ago, and I have to say that although its Rockettes' trademark moves and toy soldier choreography, live orchestra, and sextet vocal group have not changed much, the show has all-in-all been vastly improved.

There is 3-D, CG (computer graphics) on the big screen forming as live animated backdrop, moving stage floors, double-decker bus that is choreographed to move seamlessly with the NYC city street scenes on the screen, and remote-controlled flying snow balls that seemed to defy physics. In other words, technology not available 20 years ago was used heavily and wherever possible to dazzle. The show was, as the title suggests, truly spectacular. I have lived and breathed New York City for so long that I tended to neglect how beautiful and coherent New York City is until I see it packaged in a show such as the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

One thing I might note, though, is the religiosity of the finale was heavily toned down. Being raised in the Christian mold, Id say that 20 years ago the finale was very moving and ultra deep in Christian overtones.

Now, the Nativity scene is still there, but is presented as a story no indication whatsoever of it being historically accurate or not being told by a fourteen year-old to his younger brother in modern times. The scene I suppose is a necessary component meant only to elucidate how Christmas started and not necessarily to imply that Jesus was the Christ born to become the worlds savior.

Times have changed, I suppose. And the shows change in ending Id say only reflects and remains true to the New York mindset of late. In making the change, I imagine the show is merely keeping in line with its decades-old mission and tradition, which is to give the audience all that they came for, and that is a genuinely truer and highly memorable New York City experience.

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