Village of Wurtsboro
Town of Mamakating, NY
The village of Wurtsboro is along Route 209. It's right there when you exit Route 17, the same road you might take going upstate to Niagara Falls by way of Binghamton from New York City.

The county Wurtsboro is in, Sullivan County, is struggling economically. After WWII, Sullivan County was the largest egg-producer in NY State, and NY State was the third largest egg-producer in the U.S. (source: Today, egg-production has shifted to the top five egg-producing States of Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Texas ( Out of the original 400 egg farms in Sullivan County, only 2 today remain (source:

Unlike many villages I've seen in Sullivan County, however, Wurtsboro seems to be in better shape, at least judging from the business establishments lining its "main" street, Sullivan Street. The shops are well-maintained and well-decorated and Danny's and Canal Towne Emporium built in the early 1800s are still open for business.

You won't find McDonald's or 7-Elevens there, just mom-and-pop type shops. Which I think are appropriate because they give off the relaxing country atmosphere that people escape to when they leave the hustle and bustle of New York City life and head for the Catskills.

Population according to in Wurtsboro is 1,219. Median household family income is $54K, which is about the same for all of NY State.

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Danny's was
The Village of Wurtsboro is in the Town of Mamakating, whose library can be seen here.
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Psychic readings must be well-known as there are two in a small area.
The Christmas Shoppe was added to the Canal Towne Emporium. From what I read online, it is a must-see. Attempts to modernize in the past have been removed to retain
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