Singer Castle, Thousand Islands, New York
July 21, 2013
Vi and I went on a mini-vacation to the Thousand Islands in Alexandria Bay in upstate New York. It's about as upstate as you can get as it sits along St. Lawrence River (which flows into Lake Ontario) the other side being Canada.

River cruises comprise the main activities there being at least three routes. Prices vary from $8 which will take you to Boldt Castle to $34 which (in addition to Boldt Castle) will take you to Singer Castle (the one Vi and I took) to $45 for the dinner cruise. For the (low) prices you get to see first class, eye-popping attractions.

Hotels and restaurants in Alexandria Bay are not on the expensive side either. The region is just fast becoming a major tourist mecca -- many of Boldt Castle's interior rooms are still under construction (but visitors are allowed in, nevertheless) and I sense overflowing youthful pride in Singer Castle's tour guides -- so I'd say go now while the going is cheap. For an $8 river cruise and an $8 admission to Boldt Castle, your day of adventuring is already complete.

Niagara Falls would still be the top destination in upstate New York. After having visited there, however, I'd say make plans for the Thousand Islands next. It's a must-see and very memorable place to be in.

Click on a picture to enlarge.
Our tour boat.
We asked a fellow passenger to take us this picture...
...who was nice enough to come back a few minutes later to ask us if we wanted a view of the river also.
Approaching the dock at Dark Island. Singer Castle is in the distance.
Dark Island. Vi took this picture.
Singer Castle and dock.
Dark Island. Vi took this picture.
The way to Singer Castle is up.
Singer Castle grounds. Tourists are divided into groups of about 20.
Our tour guide.
Inside Singer Castle.
Singer Castle was owned by the president of Singer Sewing Machines who first came up with the concept of
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