Some Great Old Buildings in Middletown
Middletown, NY
Technically, we don't live in the City of Middletown -- we live in the Town of Wallkill. But somehow I guess the name Middletown stuck in homes' mailing addresses this side of town.

The old City of Middletown is five miles west of us which is not that far. In fact, it's where I go to when visiting the library.

Historically, the city, as did so many other cities north and west of New York City all the way up to Lake Ontario, sprouted as hubs during the railroad’s heyday. Factories opened up and attracted employers. Then as the automobile replaced the rail and railroad companies went bankrupt, they closed. Many towns that once boomed became pretty much ghost towns, Middletown being no exception, and factory buildings though still standing with some abandoned are still being used today but not any more for what they were originally intended.

Anyway, the reason I grew interested (again) in Middletown as to be up and about taking pictures so early one Saturday morning when I should be in bed during the only time of week that I can get up late is because a member of the Bull Family – the family whose early first settlers pretty much established the County of Orange which Middletown is in – found me or rather found my pictures online and told me about other great buildings in Middletown. His name is Clifford Youngs.

That is one of the nice things about being into photography especially of the landscape or architectural kind. Sooner or later – as has happened several times in the past – someone who has an affinity for the place finds my pictures and appreciates them and so I get to know and sometimes meet them. Appreciation, as I used to say long ago before I became a nerd by trade, is the only thing an artist would hear. Shooting these pictures and many more in the future I hope would serve as my way of returning the oft-needed encouragements. At the same time they will keep that appreciation thing that keeps the artist in me going coming.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thank you for looking.

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Hoffman Masonic Lodge on North Street. Guess what it's haunted. I was searching online and the first hit I find is this:
What was once the Middletown Armory that opened with much hoopla back in 1892 when it housed the local military unit that eventually became the National Guard is now the home (I think it still is) of a local radio station. There were plans of turning it into a condo but didn't pan out. It's a nice if odd looking building that no one seems to know what to do with.
Highland Street in Middletown is lined with mansions like this. Some have been turned into nursing homes. This one, a funeral home, is the only one I felt safe to take pictures of since it's definitely not someone's residence at least not someone alive.
There's a website for photos of
Paramount Theater in Middletown was built by what is now Paramount Pictures in 1930. A Supreme Court decision in 1948 to rid itself of theaters forced Paramount Pictures to sell the property. After changing hands several times, the City of Middletown took ownership when the last owner owed so much backtaxes on it. We saw America (Horse With No Name) in concert here back in the late 90s I think.
One of two small squares on North Street.
Much of North Street -- Middletown's
Another establishment, quite rare on this strip.
North Street. I think the city is trying to promote this to attract businesses by virtue of the festive banners hanging on lampposts.
Sunshine Studios.
Old Orange Regional Medical Center building. (A.K.A. Horton)
El Bandido Mexican Restaurant.
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