Virginia Beach
June 17, 2012
I went out early in the morning before sunrise to take pictures of the sun.

Later in the day I went out again with Cody hopefully for a swim. But the day was cold and windy and the water was dangerous. The lifeguards were busy blowing their whistle all the time from their perches to keep people from straying too far.

So we just walked along the boardwalk and Atlantic Avenue, hit the fair, then back on the boardwalk as we headed back to our hotel.

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Sunrise on Virginia Beach. This was actually my first time to watch the sun rising out of the water. It was surprising because I didn't expect the sun to be so clearly visible.
Hotels along the boardwalk. These hotels will easily set you back upwards of $250 a night. We stayed at the next row of hotels with a
Man surfs from under the pier.
Atlantic Avenue is where Virginia Beach's night life happens. This was taken early in the morning.
Painted Hermit crabs for sale.
Fair on Atlantic Avenue.
Cody tries his aim at the air gun arcade.
A pizza place we went to last time we were at Virginia Beach. Cody is walking in the foreground.
There was an art fair going on.
Not sure what these coin-operated binoculars are good for other than checking people out.
Just when you though it was safe to go back in the water...
...we will have you think again.
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