St. Bart's
In New York City
I take pictures of churches in New York City (mostly midtown for those familiar with Manhattan) because I think churches are perfect subjects for HDR (high dynamic range -- a method of processing digital pictures).

Following are images of Saint Bartholomew’s Church -- or St Barts -- an Episcopal church on Park Avenue. Architecture is Romanesque “with Byzantine decoration” according to the church’s website.

Whenever I take pictures of a church, I contact the church afterwards and e-mail the pictures I took for them to use freely should they find my pictures worthwhile. So far I’ve received only favorable replies.

In the case of St. Bart’s, I think massive renovations were done there recently -- there were long wooden pews instead of the individual chairs you see here the last time I was there. The dome’s scaffolding that was there for about a year is also now gone. So I may have visited at the right time when they were perhaps looking for photos to showcase the church’s improvements.

If you visit the church’s website now -- -- you will see the first photo in the page’s image slide show (third image as of January 30, 2012).

(Another church that uses my photos is the reformed Jewish synagogue, Central Synagogue. Here’s an example: And you can, of course, view pictures that Vi and I take of the church we go to, Cragsmoor Stone Church, in its website’s photos section:

Located just a few blocks from the iconic once-Pan Am now-Metlife building, the church heralds itself as providing “food and shelter for New York’s needy -- just steps from many of America’s most powerful corporate headquarters”. Indeed, I have occasionally seen -- and once taken a picture -- homeless people there.

Thank you for looking.

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Turning to my right from where I took the previous photo, I took this picture of Park Avenue looking towards the iconic Metlife building.
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