New York City in B&W
Some parts of New York City -- especially in the area between Downtown and Midtown where old, low-rise buildings remain largely intact and undisturbed by the sprawling steel-and-glass skyscrapers -- seem like they belong to another time.

So I went through photos I've taken of New York City and thought I'd show them in black-and-white to hopefully convince you by giving you a look at what New York City might have been like when color photographs were rare if at all available and the city streets were not yet as crowded.

What you might find missing in these photos are the men in tophats, the women with umbrellas wearing skirts that brush the floor, and the horse-drawn carriages whose animal droppings' putrid smells wafted through building windows where the occupants of the time were only too eager to replace with the more aromatic scent of gasoline exhaust.

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Union Square.
18th Street West.
Lincoln statue in Union Square.
Washington statue in Union Square.
Madison Square Park.
Flatiron building's backside.
Flatiron Building.
The old Metlife Building on Madison Square Park.
W Hotel Union Square.
Radisson Martinique building with Empire State Building in the background.
Corner of 5th and 32nd.
Garment District along Broadway.
Broadway and 37th.
Fifth and 37th.
Bryant Park 40th Street side.
Bryant Park.
Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central.
41st Street in Times Square.
Chrysler Building on Lexington and 42nd.
The Intrepid on the Hudson.
Radio City on 6th.
The Dakota apartment building on Central Park West.
The American Museum of Natural History.
Bow Bridge at Central Park.
Bethesda at Central Park.
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