Log Huts at New Windsor Cantonment Historic Site
New Windsor, NY
The Cantonment Historic Site in New Windsor, New York is where George Washington issued the cease fire order that marked the end of hostilities in the Revolutionary War in 1783. The British -- the mightiest military in the world at the time -- had conceded independence to the colonies after its humiliating defeat in Yorktown, Virginia, about 400 miles south.

But the peace treaty hadnít yet been signed and Washington didn't trust the British. Seven thousand Continental Army soldiers encamped in New Windsor in a state of military readiness to keep watch over the British that were still stationed in New York City, only 60 miles south.

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This log hut is a reconstruction of the ones built in the winter and spring months of 1783 by Continental Army soldiers.
Seven hundred log huts like these housed 7,000 troops and 500 women and children.
Soldiers were owed years of back pay and officers conspired to engage in a mutiny. But Washington defused the threat with his now famous
Peace Bell Tower.
The park's
The park's
Entrance to the Cantonment Historic Site is through a narrow passage between the front lawns of two privately owned homes.
The bell tower seen from the main road (the log huts aren't visible) is the only hint that something of some significance is out there.
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