A Stroll in Early Spring in Central Park
Along 79th Street, New York City
In my last album, "A Stroll Along 59th Street...", I was asked to include a photo of the stonewall that surrounds Central Park. So I did. This time, however, I walked along the 79th Street Transverse that cuts across Central Park right about below the middle.

I only planned on shooting the east and west stonewalls on 79th Street and Belvedere Castle in between then continuing on by subway to work. But at Central Park, there are so much scenic views, charming nooks, and luxurious paths along that I was constantly riveted.

Making any sort of plans for a Central Park visit is pointless, I found out, because Central Park -- as would any park I'd surmise -- is meant for living in the moment.

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Central Park West...
...Central Park East...
...and things in-between.Shed overlooking The Lake.
Path on the west side with a view that leads to the San Remo co-op apartment building. New York Times describes the building as
The Lake.
Ladies' Pavillion
Oak Bridge at Bank Rock Bay
Belvedere Castle.

It was
Sunrise on The Lake. Belvedere Castle sits on the highest elevation in Central Park.
Not really inside Central Park but across the street from it on the corner of 72nd Street, the Dakota apartment building is where John Lennon was shot.
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