Thomas Bull Memorial Park
Montgomery, NY - January 8, 2011
I went to Thomas Bull Memorial Park in Montgomery to shoot winterscapes the day after our second snowstorm this season. A third is on its way.

These pictures are pretty much representative of our county. When you see these pictures then you've seen the Carpio family's habitat.

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This farm really isn't in Thomas Bull Park but along the road near the entrance. I stopped by the country roadside with my hazards flashing, got out, and started setting up my tripod. A man in a pickup truck plowing the farm's gravel path stopped and told me to park in the gravel path
Thomas Bull Memorial Park is big. It has ponds, walks, picnic areas, tennis courts, a golf course, stable, and other amenities. It is popular for snow-tubing during the winter. I didn't go deep in the park. This snow-covered pond is near the entrance.
Bench and pine tree at Thomas Bull pond.
Trees along the pond.
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