Skateboarder Learns Ehru From Chinese Man
Central Park, New York City
I was taking a series of pictures (with different exposure settings for later HDR processing) of a Chinese musician all alone in Central Park. I thought it was unusual that no one else was around so I tried to hurry my shots.

Then a skateboarder came, stopped, and approached my subject. I was already into my fourth shot and needed to make three more (due to overexposure from the bright sun) so I waited hoping the skateboarder would eventually leave. But instead he stayed and took the Chinese musician’s instrument and position.

It’s a good thing I kept shooting because I captured their whole encounter. Instead of being annoyed, I ended up becoming amazed at the skateboarder’s panache and equally amazed at the Chinese musician’s game spontaneity. They both ended up laughing when they parted ways.

It was a happy fun moment that I wish I’d see more of between strangers. It reminded me of a time when people actually went outside instead of stayed inside to enjoy the day. And, like the skateboarder who was most assuredly a tourist as I've seen the Chinese musician there before, I wanted to travel to a distant tourist attraction just so I can hit the postcards stand and send a postcard to everyone I know, something that I haven't done for a long time.

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Chinese Man plays erhu (Chinese violin) in Central Park.
Skateboarder stops and asks if he can play.
Chinese Man obliges and shows Skateboarder how.
Skateboarder plays awful music. Chinese Man stands back and listens.
Skateboarder has had enough. Chinese Man laughs.
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