Autumn in Central Park - Gapstow Bridge
New York City
I used to always take pictures of Gapstow Bridge on The Pond at Central Park from the “front” side. It’s more convenient to take pictures from there because of the paved path. I’ve been on top of the bridge before and looking down on the other side -- the “far” side -- and seeing the shallow pool and a fence made of solid bars of steel that turned the corner into a sort of dead-end alley I thought, eh, what an ugly view. So I never took pictures from there.

Then one day I saw a picture online taken from the far side. So I went.

I was immediately struck by the view. It was so nice. What’s also nice about it is that no one goes there perhaps because there’s no path and so the ground is mostly uneven and probably also because of the same impression I got when I was on top of the bridge -- it’s ugly.

I guess that’s one of the “duh” lessons in photography -- you can’t judge a scene by standing in it.

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This is where I used to always take pictures of the bridge -- from the front where all the tourists are.
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