Brooklyn Bridge in “Dumbo”
Brooklyn, New York
I dropped Vi off at LaGuardia Airport for a red-eye flight so I drove the extra 15 minutes (no traffic at that hour) to Brooklyn Bridge Park and got the unique opportunity of taking dawn pictures of Brooklyn Bridge from the Brooklyn side of East River.

Apart from the view of the Brooklyn Bridge and downtown Manhattan, that part of Brooklyn is very nice. Old and historic brick buildings along the East River that were former warehouses were turned into loft apartment studios where artists and “young homesteaders” moved into back in the seventies ( The streets were paved in cobblestones and there were even abandoned rail tracks. The area called, “Dumbo”, which is short for “Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass”, would make for a nice photowalk. Unfortunately, I was getting hungry and not knowing which direction to walk to for breakfast, I eventually drove to Manhattan where I’m more familiar with.

In the upper eastside at a corner deli I ordered pancakes. While eating by the restaurant window, an African American homeless woman who was missing a lot of teeth approached and asked me kind of obliquely if I had “enough to eat”. I gladly shared with her one of my pancakes, putting it on the plastic cover of my aluminum takeout tray with what's left of my syrup and butter. I then heard her walk to the counter asking for a plastic fork, and as she walked back out to the street pancake in hand she looked at me through the glass window and gave me a nice big smooch gesture missing teeth and all. I thought she was nice in that she never asked for money, just food to eat, and didn’t forget to appreciate it at that.

Later I thought maybe I could have done more. But I guess thoughts like that are dwelt upon often in hindsight.

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Brooklyn Bridge at dawn.
Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, side-by-side.
Manhattan Bridge at dawn.
After taking the first set of pictures, I took a nap inside my car. When I awoke, the sun was up.
Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Dumbo being a neighborhood of artists, modern art can be found on its streets. This sculpture, “Canopy”, is by Max Pelzmann.
Manhattan Bridge at sunrise.
Manhattan Bridge heading into Brooklyn.
Besides being historic-looking, what’s nice about this building is you can see both Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges on its left and right from the street corner where it's at.
A street in Dumbo.
Cobblestones and abandoned rail tracks in Dumbo.
The rising sun is reflected off a downtown Manhattan building. One World Trade Center, a.k.a.
New York City being “the city that never sleeps”, this gay couple was already there when I was taking dawn pictures before my nap. When I came back for more pictures, they were still there.
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