Waiting in New York City
October 4-8, 2010
This series started out as a continuation of my experiment using two methods to photography -- one a new technology called "HDR" and one the tried-and-true technique of using slow shutter speeds available even in old film cameras. I found out that by combining the two the crowd and other moving objects are effectively eliminated, leaving behind a nearly deserted landscape.

Anyway, during post-processing (using the two combined methods) I noticed in the first picture that the man standing still was, naturally enough, not eliminated. Everyone else was moving and so was erased.

So in succeeding shots, I tried to see if I can somehow control which subjects I can retain while the rest are erased. This series is the result of that experiment. I titled it, "Waiting in NYC" because while NYC is known for its hurried lifestyle, there are times you'd find yourself waiting, too. Proof is that I took the first seven of these shots within a span of just five days. And I keep adding more.

I hope you enjoy the series. Thank you for looking!

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Waiting for his business contact in New York City. He seems to be thinking, “If only he’d show up then maybe I can make some money...”
Tourists taking a picture (of me) while waiting.
Just bored-to-death waiting.
Waiting to cross 7th Avenue.
Waiting for a cab on 34th Street.
Waiting for the next meal.
Waiting for rain. “And I’m not carrying an umbrella,
Anxiously waiting. When it started to rain, people rose and left. She, instead, opened her umbrella.
Work can wait.
Waiting for the opportune moment.
Waiting for 5 p.m.
Putting the world on wait.
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