A Little Country Road Called 'Slaughter'
Middletown, NY - April 13-14, 2010
Vi and I went to Slaughter Road in Middletown, New York for two nights last week to take pictures. Slaughter Road is about a half-mile stretch of gravel road with wide open vistas on either side. It's only two miles away from home and a good place to take landscape pictures of the rural countryside.

Actually, it was hardly "night" when we went there because there was still sun. And I emphasize that because had we gone there later when it's dark, things might have been different. Slaughter Road according to this website is haunted.

Supposedly, a psycho wrote down names of his intended victims under an abandoned railroad bridge there. And if you cared enough to look, you will find your own name on that list.

We found the bridge, but not the list. Then again, we didn't go looking for it. We were there to take pictures of the countryside and not ghost-hunt. Although we have to admit the spine-tingling tale was what brought us there in the first place.

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Slaughter Road.
Dirt path alongside Slaughter Road.
Pond. Vi took this photo.
Ranch. Vi took this photo.
Abandoned railroad bridge.
Infrared version of the bridge to hopefully give you a feel for what it's like at night. My theory is a place looks creepy and then someone invents a story around it. That doesn't mean, however, that there is nothing preternatural about the place...
My shooting hours are quite constrained. In case you havenít deduced by now -- especially that our countryside pics cannot possibly be taken anywhere near a megalopolis like New York City -- my daily commute is a bit of a hike. So I have to resort to
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