PhotoPlus Expo
New York City -- October 29, 2010
Every year, the world's most important names in photography -- Nikon, Canon, Sony, as well as Sigma (lenses), LowePro (bags), and Sandisk (computer flash memory) -- gather in New York City to show off their latest wares. It is, according to its organizer, "the most important event in photography".

Today, I went there -- thanks to a friend who showed me how to get free tickets on Facebook. I went only at lunch break so I didnít get to try any of the new stuff except the new Sony A55. I thought its 10 frames-per-second shooting was unbelievably fast.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the pictures I took there.

Click on a picture to enlarge.
PhotoPlus Expo is held every year at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.
I own a Sony camera so I thought I might as well take a picture of the Sony booth.
This is a fun picture to shoot. Whereas the whole expo is poorly lit for handheld photography, this Buzz Lightyear action figure was in a small encasement that was brightly lit. Because of the bright lighting, I was surprised I can take pictures of it handheld.
When I arrived I saw two girls modeling at the Nikon booth.
I thought they didnít show much enthusiasm for what they were doing -- their faces seemed long -- and even looked lackadaisical in their movements.
But when I pulled out my camera and starting shooting, they seemed to come alive and started really posing. They even seemed to seek me out from the crowd when I changed positions.
 Of course if you ask them now they will say Iím hallucinating but on account of the photos here that I took, I will argue that Iím not.
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