Abandoned House with a Dark History
Goshen - May 9, 2010
The house can be seen from Route 17 in Goshen. It is almost alongside facing the highway as the road it᾽s on runs parallel and close to the highway. The house sits alone in the sparsely wooded and mostly open countryside and its haunted look draws motorists᾽ eyes naturally to it. You᾽ll pass it when you go from, say, NYC to Binghamton or Niagara Falls.

We pass by it whenever we go to NYC. But only recently did we learn that in 1992 two dead bodies were found inside the house dumped by a serial killer whose victims were random women he picked up in our town and the surrounding villages, including one 14-year old girl who just finished eighth grade. (source: wikipedia.org)

Tragic as it was, we moved from our basement apartment in the congested city into our new home only seven miles away from that house shortly after the killer᾽s confession and conviction. Had we known that mass murders made headlines there, our first impressions of the town would have been different and we might not have moved there at all.

But we didn᾽t know. And so today I like saying that I gave my children the chance to live in the rural countryside with plenty of room, fresh air to breathe, and friends from families with traditional values should they decide later on to head for the city and live the sophisticated urban life, unaware of our county's not-so-distant, dark past.

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Abandoned farm house in Goshen.
If you view some of the pictures here on your LCD monitor at an angle, they might look 3-D.
I don᾽t remember the ruins on the left being like that when we moved here years ago. I remember the barn was still standing although in very dilapidated condition.
I guess this is a reminder that if you enter abandoned structures at the wrong time, the danger of the roof caving in on you is very real.
The white object on foreground-right is a sofa cushion with its innards exposed. I don᾽t know if it belongs to the house or someone just tossed it there by the roadside.
I like contrast in pictures. I think high contrast especially when the windows are darkened to near total blackness where you can't see inside makes a house look scary.
I learned a technique on making a place look even spookier -- rain! This Photoshop tutorial contains step-by-step instructions on how to create rain: http://www.tutzor.com/index.php/2008/08/designing-a-war-movie-poster/
And now for some lightning. Photoshop tutorial at: http://www.photoshopcafe.com/tutorials/lightning/lightning.htm
Ah, finally the rain stopped. But not the lightning.Harriman Road leading to the Goshen farm house.
Pond at the back of the Goshen farm house.
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