Devil's Tower
Alpine, NJ - April 10, 2010
Vi and I went to Alpine, NJ (near the border with NY) to take pictures of Devil's Tower, a supposedly very haunted tower that even Wikipedia says so.

But the tower's being haunted was just a small part of the reason we went there. What drew us there was the neighborhood that according to Forbes is the most expensive zip code in the country. (90210 in Beverly Hills only ranks fifth.) Median home price there is over $4 million. We were hoping we might see Sean (Diddy) Combs, Chris Rock, or Patrick Ewing in their frontyards -- all residents of Alpine NJ .

We didn't take pictures of the homes to respect people's privacy. Seeing the mansions some with tennis courts in their backyards was enough for us.

But we did take pictures of the Devil's Tower.

A wealthy man built the tower in the 1900s so his wife can see New York City from afar. The wife, however, jumped to her death when she saw her husband with another woman. (Not true, according to Wikipedia.)

We didnít see any ghosts -- nor did we see any celebrities. We did, however, hear occasional knocking from the top of the tower. It was windy and we dismissed it as just plywood being banged against the wall by the wind.

Then again, maybe it wasn't plywood. Maybe it was the woman's ghost. And we were being beckoned into the realm of the supernatural...

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Devil's Tower in Alpine, NJ.
Looking up Devil's Tower.
We photographed every window on Devil's Tower but saw no ghost.
Ground level at Devil's Tower.
How Devil's Tower might appear when you happen to drive by alone at night...
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